Our Friends

About Us

The Pottery Ranch in Marble Falls, Tx has been purveyors of “All things Texan” since about the year 2000 and has steadily grown into the Mega-Shop that it is today! Thanks to a steady flow of area customers as well as Hwy 281 travelers, the Pottery Ranch has morphed into a Texas-sized retail destination point. As our local Radio Ad states… “ We’re as Texan as Earnest Tubbs”! (Click here to hear Radio Spot)

We have a great Staff. Ranch Hands are always Ready, Willing, and Able to assist you. If you need to spruce up the house, yard , or patio, we are “The Gettin Place”. We have what you want… something different, something original, and most of all… something you likely can’t find at the Big Box Stores.

Scott Kilpatrick is the owner, hails from East Texas, spends most of his time playing tennis! On occasion, he can be found at Pottery Ranch, usually at his desk with his feet propped up! Tanna Miller is the Manager who makes Pottery Ranch what it is. Ranch Hands Roberto, Rigoberto, and Luis are all woodworking geniuses. With strong backs and pleasant personalities, they are eager to assist with loading, delivery, and just about anything else. Shirley keeps it Real! As in real clean! Thank her for the always clean restrooms and the overall freshness of the entire store.

“We are Dog Friendly”

Rufus, our chocolate Lab, puts in a good 40-50 hours a week as the official store “greeter”. His picture is on our highway Billboard advertising that dogs are welcome at the Pottery Ranch. Sometimes during holiday weekends, we have as many as 10 or more pets perusing the isles…

“We’re Kid Friendly” Also ! Kids love to pet and feed treats to Monèt, our friendly paint horse. And to Poncho & Lefty, our cute as can be miniature Donkeys.

And “We’re People Friendly as well”. Free “pure” Water is available from the cold water dispenser on the front porch. Free water in the summer heat can’t be beat. Catch us on a good day we may offer you a dozen eggs for Free. Pottery Ranch has about 50 free range chickens and depending on the weather, produce a few dozen eggs each week. What we don’t use ourselves, we gladly give away. Kids, of course, are always welcome to feed them bread anytime!

We are OPEN EVERY DAY of the Year except Xmas Day. Official hours are 10am – 6pm every day . But, weekends we tend to go till 7 or so depending on whether in-house happy hour is taking place!